Frequently asked questions

Can I go to the top of Mt Graham?

The answer to this varies depending upon when you want to go. The upper part of the mountain is closed from November 15-April 15. This is due to hazardous weather conditions that make Highway 366 unmanageable for most motor vehicles. If you desire to go to the top of Mount Graham between April 16-November 14 you should be able to make it up. Generally as long as there aren't fire hazards or flooding, due to the monsoon season, the mountain will remain open. If you're interested in visiting the Observatory, you MUST contact Eastern Arizona College's Discovery Park Campus to set up a reservation. Their phone number is 928-428-6260 and address is 1651 Discovery Park Blvd., Safford. The Campus is open Monday-Friday, 8am-4:30pm.

Can we go to the telescope at Mt. Graham or the Discovery Park?

Yes, both the Mt. Graham Observatory and Discovery Park offer tours. To schedule at tour or the Discovery Park at (928)428-6260 for more information.

Does the Graham County area have a hospital or area with medical care?

Absolutely. Mount Graham Regional Medical Center is located at 2270 W. 16th St., Safford, AZ 85546, offers professional healthcare for all those in need. They can be reached at (928)348-4000. Services include, but are not limited to: Obstetrics, Emergency Room, Laboratory Services, Intensive Care Unit, Cancer Center/Specialist Clinic (doctors that travel from Tucson), Cardiology, Pulmonary Function Testing, Hospice, Imaging, Sleep Center/Sleep Studies, Nutrition, and Diabetes Self-Management Education Program.

How far is Safford from Phoenix? From Tucson?

Safford to Phoenix takes approximately three hours for a total of 165.1 miles--one way--via Highways 70 and 60. Areas further west of Phoenix-- Avondale, Glendale, Peoria-- add an additional amount of 30-50 minutes of travel, while eastern locations-- Mesa, Chandler, Gilbert-- typically only take 2.5 hours. Tucson is west of Safford via Highway 191 and Interstate 10. One way is 126.8 miles-- with travel time roughtly being two-ish hours depending on semi-trailer truck traffic through the Texas Canyon area.

How hot does it get in Graham County?

Temperatures are very moderate year round--even in the heat of the summer. Due to elevation summers are milder than Phoenix or Tucson, as Graham County is higher. Even during the monsoon season, humidity remains low. For further information on average temps or moisture amounts please visit the USClimateData website.

What are the leading industries in Graham County?

The leading industries in Graham County include Freeport- McMoRan Mine, the State and Federal Prisons and the Cotton Gin/Agriculture. These are considered the "backbone" industries. Other leading industries include Eastern Arizona College, Mt Graham Regional Medical Center, and the Safford, Thatcher, and Pima School Districts.

What is the elevation?

The elevation in Safford is 2900 ft. while at the highest point in southern Arizona at the top of Mt Graham, the elevation reaches 10,720 ft.

What’s the population?

Graham County has a population of around 38,000.