Frequently asked questions

Can I go to the top of Mt Graham?

Yes, Mt. Graham is located within the Pinaleño Mountains where numerous hiking trails and outdoor recreation areas are offered. Visit our Hiking/Walking Tab for all the different trails located in the Pinaleño Mountains.

Can we go to the telescope at Mt. Graham or the Discovery Park?

Yes, both the Mt. Graham Observatory and Discovery Park offer tours. Call the Mt. Graham Observatory at (928)428-2739 to schedule at tour or the Discovery Park at (928)428-6260 for more information.

Does the Graham County area have a hospital or area with medical care?

Yes, the Mt. Graham Regional Medical Center located at 2270 W. 16th St., Safford, AZ 85546 offers professional healthcare for all those in need. They can be reached at (928)348-4000.

How far is Safford from Phoenix? From Tucson?

Phoenix to Safford168/270.43 hours
Tucson to Safford128/2062 hours

How hot does it get in Graham County?

Temperatures are very moderate year round and, even in the heat of the summer, there is very low humidity. Visit the Weather page to see current weather. Average temperatures in Safford, Arizona are listed below.

Average Temperature in Safford, AZ

High (Fahrenheit)616572809098989692837060
Low (Fahrenheit)293338455362686760483629

What are the leading industries in Graham County?

The leading industries in Graham County include Freeport- McMoRan Mine, the State and Federal Prisons and the Cotton Gin/Agriculture. These are considered the "backbone" industries. Other leading industries include Eastern Arizona College, Mt Graham Regional Medical Center, and the Safford, Thatcher, and Pima School Districts.

What is the elevation?

The elevation in Safford is 2900 ft. while at the highest point in southern Arizona at the top of Mt Graham, the elevation reaches 10,720 ft.

What’s the population?

Graham County has a population of around 38,000.